Project U

Project U – A Community Designed for Those Who Demand the Most Out of Life

Project U builds communities that help us take control of our lives, create happiness and love that we want and deserve, and find ways to overcome obstacles that stand in our way from achieving greatness. Our program was built around the idea that the most powerful way for us to grow and develop ourselves is through helping and supporting each other on our journeys to live outstanding lives.

“Every time I participate in a mastermind or Project U, I always feel as though I have a new fresh breath of air and find myself ready to conquer.”
– Elaina, Phoenix

Most adults find it difficult to find or build real, offline communities which help guide them towards finding passion, developing themselves personally and professionally, and creating a vision for their lives. Higher education typically strives to serve this need.

Outside of most colleges, there are very little resources, especially for young adults, to find and be part of a community that serves to help them find their passions, develop their visions, and give them resources that they can use to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles that stand in their way.

Project U is designed to build communities which act as support groups to help our members utilize each other in order to reach their goals, overcome obstacles, develop passion and direction in their lives, and give them a community of like-minded people which collectively help them grow and become more of the type of people that they want to become. We do this through mastermind groups, community workshops, conferences, as well as books and video/audio programs.

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The Path to Happiness Comes from Within